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Office Hours - 07-14-2014

The Holyrood Marina is operated on a seasonal basis, and is typically operational from early May until late October. Normal office hours are:

  1. Thursday - Monday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  2. Tuesday - Wednesday: Closed

During the regular summer season, the office will typically be open on statutory holidays, but will then be closed either the following Monday or Thursday.  

Power Cables and Extension Cords - 07-14-2014

Members must disconnect all shore-power electrical connections when not aboard their boats for an extended period, especially when away from the boat overnight. The main concern is the fire hazard for those without certified connectors, however, there is also a galvanic problem caused by leaking ground currents getting into the water, causing excessive corrosion. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The Marina Supervisor has been instructed to unplug any cords deemed to be left unattended.  An attempt will be made to notify the boat owner, however, it is the boat owners responsibility to contact the Marina Supervisor if a temporary variance is required.

On October 23, 2006 the HMPC Board of Directors adopted the following as the "minimum" standard for connecting to any Marina electrical receptacles.  These cords should be readily available at most commercial electrical outlets or marine stores:

  1. It shall be a SJOW extra hard usage type, and;
  2. It shall be a minimum of 14AWG, rated for outdoor use - CSA approved