HMPC Membership: $5.00 (Required to obtain a summer or winter wet berth)

Wet Berth: 
  1. Summer, Side berth, Floating docks: $19.57 per foot + HST based on boat LOA plus six feet.
  2. Summer, Side berth, Floating dock fingers:  $19.57 per foot + HST based on the greater of the LOA of the boat or the length of the finger whichever is greater.
Capital Improvement Fee:
  1. $750.00 + HST per berth holder/member boat.
Dry Storage: 
  1. Summer: $11.04 per foot + HST (Exception for members who maintain a berth for the boat but does not put it in)
  2. Winter - HMPC member: $2.20 per foot + HST 
  3. Winter - Non HMPC member: $11.04 per foot + HST
         Based on boat LOA
Boat Launch Ramp:
  1. Annual: $71.83 + HST (Unlimited summer season usage for a single boat)
  2. Daily: $9.58 + HST (Single day usage for a single boat)
Lift Rates: 
  1. HMPC member: $4.41 per foot + HST
  2. Non HMPC member: $6.62 per foot + HST 
  1. Summer: $67.56 + HST (per boat)
  2. Winter Meter Cost Recovery (shared equally bu all users on a service).
Boat Trailer Storage / Cradle Storage: 
  1. $77.28 + HST per season (one unit per member)
  1. $19.32 + HST per night per boat (includes electrical use)
Berth Application:
  1. Berth Application Fee: $27.06 + HST
Fuel - Gasoline and Diesel: Variable (Based on procurement price)

Summer Season: May 01 to October 15 
Winter Season October 16 to April 30


1. The term LOA is meant to reflect the overall space consumed by the boat, which includes any extensions such as bow spits, boat anchors, dingy davits, swim boards, etc.

2. The term "Winter Non HMPC member" refers to a boater who did not have a preceding summer wet berth.

3. Example: A 25' LOA boat on a 30' tee will be charged 30' X $19.57+ HST. A 40' LOA boat on a 35' tee will be charged 40' X $19.57+.

(Fees are subject to change)